On Saturday 4th December, 2010 a wonderful spectacle of music and colour swam before our eyes as dancers from all round Israel converged in Heychal HaSport in Arad for a marvelous day of non stop dancing as part of the celebrations of Arad’s 48th birthday.

The event opened with the entrance of all the beautifully dressed children, teenagers and young men and women decked out in the most elegant long ballroom gowns and others wearing tantalizing short and sparkling Latin outfits. After the opening parade 48 dancers took part in a dance set to a song written and sung by Patrice Perez to honour the music and dance in Arad.

The Mayor Tali Ploskov and Vice Mayor Maxime Okanine were present throughout the championship and presented trophies and medals to all the winners. There were 40 trophies plus presents and flowers and money for the winners of all the different categories.

The best dancers from Israel came in bus loads from Carmiel, Haifa, Natsrat Elite, Hedera, Rishon leTsion, Petach Tikva, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beersheva, Dimona and of course Arad.

The center of the hall was a swirl of blue and white with flags and golden trophies. The rest of the hall had a myriad of colours and 480 balloons. Doors opened at 9.00 in the morning and closed after we stood and sang HaTikva at 20.00 at night

“I have worked very hard on this project for over six months to get permission for the event to be recognized world wide. The results will be published by the World Dance Council Amateur League and the titles are of course for life. I am thrilled that Tali Ploskov our new mayor is in love with dancing and has backed and supported the project. Hopefully following our enormous success we will be able to move forward and plan a world event in Arad. Hechal HaSport is a wonderful venue and the town being close to the Dead Sea is a fabulous attraction for bringing dancers from around the world to the south of Israel. It is a dream which might come true one day.”

Our new champions in Israel World Dance Council Amateur League are:

Israel Ten Dance Champions 2010
Annabelle Perez and Illia Miasnik from Arad

Israel Latin Champions 2010
Roman Borochov and Yulia Prokopenko from Beersheva

Israel Ballroom Champions 2010
Yakir Kogan and Lital Opaiets from Beersheva

The championship was organized by Patrice Perez together with Matnas Arad and the municipality of Arad.

Posted On: 07-12-2010