IDSA is created with the aim to develop and popularize dancesport and to achieve these purposes it suggests the format of maximum open participation in all official IDSA competitions. New open format of conduction of official IDSA competitions means that all the competitions are adjudicated only by adjudicators with International license of World Dance Council. The participation in all competitions is open for all dance couples who wish to. The prize money are always present. The membership in IDSA for all organizations and dance couples which wish to join is also open and without any restrictions in quantity.

I express my hope that new open format of conduction of official IDSA competitions will assist development of dancesport on the grounds of general availability, highly qualified estimation and objective definition of results of the competitions.

I invite everybody who wish to take part in the work of IDSA and in dancesport competitions which are conducted under aegis of IDSA.

Sincerely yours,
Svyatoslav Vlokh
IDSA President

We are happy to welcome new organizations in structure of our dance family. For the time being IDSA has got 54 organizations from 36 countries of the world!